The Umbilical CARD is the card that “delivers,” literally.

What started out as a handmade birth announcement for a newborn daughter (in 1990) has since created a life all its own. This 4”x 6” greeting card, The Umbilical CARD, opens to “deliver” a surprise every time: a paper baby dangles from a plastic umbilical cord tucked inside the card. It always brings a smile!  People everywhere who love birth and babies (nurses, midwives, doulas, OB’s) really LOVE this card! They are sold internationally too, all blank inside – you can write in your own language.

Special features can be custom-ordered too.  Mothers and babies come in peach and brown skin tones. Multiple births (twins and triplets) are available upon request. Baby girls wear satin bows in their hair; baby boys sport satin bow ties. Optional humorous breastfeeding sticker allows newborn to latch-on to mom’s breast. Colorful cotton fabrics accent a variety of whimsical designs, described here:

Umbilical CardsTM – colorful outline of mother’s belly, with baby attached to umbilical cord inside card.

GestationeryTM – pretty pregnant stationery outlines mother’s belly (no cords, still gestating). Peach and brown skin tones. Also available in “Multiple Gestationery” for twins and triplets.

LactationeryTM – peach or brown breastfeeding mother/baby couplet is folded inside a colorful quilt. When card is opened, the joy of breastfeeding is celebrated as baby nurses while tucked in mother’s arms.

NeoNotesTM – individual neonate is swaddled in colorful, 3D hand-crafted knitted/crocheted blanket.

AttachmentsTM – mother “wears” baby in a textured, fabric sling, paper baby can also nurse while in sling.

Diaper Daddy – father “burps” baby on white diaper cloth over shoulder of plaid (or camouflage) shirt.

*Custom orders are available upon request for birth announcements or baby shower invitations. Please email us directly with your requests. We look forward to hearing from you!